Free Star-Love Magick

Purpose: Creation of one form of “New Love” magick into heart chakra. This magickal blessing will strengthen and empower all participants in many different ways in a healthy, safe, and non-harmful manner with not only love but inner strength, joy, and various forms of self empowerment which will continue to benefit you every day for the rest of your life and into your next life hereafter. This is a seed of love and divine blessings which is shared with humanity through cyber-magick which is the use of electronic media to conduct magick.

Participants of this project are expected to gain the ability to experience 1 of 12 new forms of love (appropriate form selected by the power of this spell for each person) currently not experienced by the human race through infusion of energy into the heart chakra. This new experience of love will bring the power, beauty, and glory of stellar (star) magick into your heart chaka. This will also amplify and enhance any magickal working and it’s ability that involves or connects to the heart chakra in any manner including everyday applications which are affected by the heart chakra and will be experienced as beneficial to users.

To Participate: Stare at the above image for about 10 minutes, and as you do so focus your intentions on allowing the magick present within this project to enter into your heart chakra (the glowing area in the image in front of you) and infuse it with permanent empowerment energy.

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