Free Magick Enterprises (About our free cyber-magick)

Free Magick Enterprises is an online blog through which free cyber-magick (the use of electronic media to conduct magick) is operated.  All cyber-magick programs are a free public service open to any person of any race, religion, creed, or nationality without discrimination.

Although participants may realize we could be making money off of these projects and the high quality of magick being given out for free we do not actually want your money.  If you are in any way appreciative of anything you have gained from participating in any of these cyber-magick projects we encourage you to “pay it forward” and to focus your new abilities on making the world a better place.  This is not required and you do not owe anyone anything for any of the benefits or enjoyment obtained through participation.

My joy is to bring you joy through your participation in this cyber-magick. Thank you for your participation. One Love.

Free Magick Enterprises

Click Here to see our cyber-magick projects. All projects are safe, fun, and free with no trials, sign ups, installs, or strings attached of any kind, and can be used by any person easily without the requirement of returning to this website as explained through the instructions on the link. There are currently two energy transmission projects and you will feel this energy.

All users are invited and encouraged to share these cyber-magick projects with others, especially if you are grateful for any of the positive effects acquired from participation. Any person is given permission to re-post these images and text in their own blogs or various online formats, to share these links with friends or people you feel may benefit from this cyber-magick or to simply share the images the cyber-magick is broadcasted through with a copy of the text descriptions with others.  This cyber-magick system may also be downloaded with this link.

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