Free Star-Love Magick

Purpose: Creation of one form of “New Love” magick into heart chakra. This magickal blessing will strengthen and empower all participants in many different ways in a healthy, safe, and non-harmful manner with not only love but inner strength, joy, and various forms of self empowerment which will continue to benefit you every day for the rest of your life and into your next life hereafter. This is a seed of love and divine blessings which is shared with humanity through cyber-magick which is the use of electronic media to conduct magick.

Participants of this project are expected to gain the ability to experience 1 of 12 new forms of love (appropriate form selected by the power of this spell for each person) currently not experienced by the human race through infusion of energy into the heart chakra. This new experience of love will bring the power, beauty, and glory of stellar (star) magick into your heart chaka. This will also amplify and enhance any magickal working and it’s ability that involves or connects to the heart chakra in any manner including everyday applications which are affected by the heart chakra and will be experienced as beneficial to users.

To Participate: Stare at the above image for about 10 minutes, and as you do so focus your intentions on allowing the magick present within this project to enter into your heart chakra (the glowing area in the image in front of you) and infuse it with permanent empowerment energy.

Free Lust Magick

To Take The Red Pill: Stare at the image directly above this text for about 5 or 10 minutes and focus your intentions on letting the image send energy into you. See notes below for full details.


1. A team of 5 people worked very hard to create convert this image into a “red pill” empowerment spell as a free gift for people to play with. (We did not create the original graphic, but fused psychic and magickal properties into it.) Many months of hard work and time went into making this work through team effort.

2. Taking the red pill will not cause you harm, and is supposed to create a positive and fun experience for people. It takes a full three days for most people to realize it’s full effects, and we hope some people find the benefits very educational and most of you find it fun!

3. There is sexual magick in the red pill through concepts of love lust and pleasure, which can be a lot of fun, and specific protocols connected to it ensure this magick will not harm anyone, and not everyone will experience this. If you want to, just do something sexual after taking the red pill.

4. Pleasure includes all kind of sensory gratification of the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) and also psychological pleasure like just watching tv or reading a book connected to these senses. The power of the red pill goes well beyond lust and is fun to use. This red pill is safe for everyone including for children and adolescents to use. Everyone will experience the red pill differently.

5. We provide the red pill as a public service for free, and as previously mentioned work hard to make this a fun and educational system for everyone. Your help with passing on the red pill is greatly appreciated. You do not have to tell people about all this for it to work (which can be fun to play with) but you can always make your own Internet posts to spread the the red pill, or send people this link.

6. The main method of taking the red pill is to stare at it, as stated above, and try to focus on obtaining the power and energy of the red pill attempting to feel it in you as you do so. Then, engage your senses and perception of love, lust, pleasure, and / or the color red to enhance the red pill’s effects.

7. Repeated use of the red pill will usually increase the power of it’s effects over time.

8. The red pill is therapeutic for any person suffering from any kind of drug or alcohol addiction or any emotional or mental illnesses or imbalances connected to concepts of lust, love and pleasure, or any problems in their karma related to these things.

9. Experiencing an altered state of consciousness, such as through meditation or chemically induced mind state will change and empower how the red pill works for you.

10. You do not need this website to continue getting your free red pills. Just save the image to your hard drive or click this link to download. If you enjoy the experience or find the red pill helpful in any manner feel free to share this link with your friends or the image with a copy of the description.

11. Different people may experience different effects and levels of success from use of this system. When the full connection to this system is activated you will experience an altered state of mind which will normally last between 20 minutes to 3 hours. The full effects and blessings of the red pill will last a duration of three days but the primary energy boost lasts between 20 minutes to 3 hours.